Sunday, November 30, 2014 | Perrysburg, OH

Hello World!

by J. Matt Buchanan

So Long, Santa

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on a regular basis. I’ve missed it and have wanted to start again for some time.

I’ve been watching the developments on Dave Winer’s Fargo environment for awhile and have been intrigued by it’s outline-based approach. Add in the lightweight writing environment and static output and Dave really had me interested in his new project.

But, I put it off…again and again.

I’ve got an odd motivation this week, though. I’m actually traveling to Fargo, ND at the end of the week to watch my son’s robotics team compete in the Northern Plains BEST Championship at North Dakota State University.

What better time to start using Fargo than during a trip to Fargo?

So, with any luck, I’ll get this thing set up and running during the first half of the week so that I can blog from Fargo, with Fargo, during the second half.

UPDATE (2015-02-14): The Fargo blogging environment appears to have lost a little steam (as of the writing of this post, the last post to the official Fargo blog is dated February 15th, nearly ten months ago). So I’ve switched to Jekyll, which is full of the lightweight, plain-text simplicity I was after.

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