Power Glove Maker Fair Project
Tuesday, March 17, 2015 | Perrysburg, OH

Power Glove Maker Fair Project

Showing a little school spirit for a Maker Fair

by J. Matt Buchanan

Jake found a neat project for the Maumee Valley Maker Fair - a knit glove wired with a LilyPad arduino and some LEDs and programmed to display a message. We worked on it together over the course of about a week.

When it came time to program a message into the display, Jake knew he wanted to show some school spirit, so we coded a simple "Go MV!".

Sewing the LilyPad and making the necessary connections turned out to be the easy part. Capturing the message with a camera was quite a bit more difficult, requiring a mix of timing, patience and perseverence.

Go MV!

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